sexta-feira, 12 de novembro de 2010

Our precious baby girl: Claire Eva Hunt

It has been 5 weeks since our baby girl Claire has joined us. Time surely flies by... I have been trying to find some time to update our blog but being a mom is really hard work. No breaks, no sleep, no time to do anything besides take care of the little baby. Which is really exciting and we feel really blessed to be Claire's parents. She sure is a good baby, she hardly cries, and sleeps up to 5 hours during the night. We love her more than words can explain and are extremely happy to have her in our lives!

Here are some pictures we took throughout the month of October...

Right before Claire was born, leaving to the hospital. My last pic with my preggo belly... :( Oh How I miss that!
Getting ready to Welcome Claire to the World! I look HUGE in this pic!! :p
The supporting crew! Mom, Troy and Dad! By far I can say that was the happiest day of my life!
Claire is here! And this is out first family picture! Cute huh?! Besides the fact that the doctor was still working on me... (ha ha) And I look super uncomfortable...
Claire Eva Hunt born at 3:14PM on October 7th, 2010
7lbs 18 inches
Troy's first "dad" moment... Oh, How I love my little family...
Getting ready to go home!! 10/09/2010
5 days old... Heading to her first Doctor's appointment. That's what happens when Troy baby sits Claire. Isn't this picture so Darling?! First time going to Church. 3 weeks old... She makes a LOT of funny faces! She is her mommy's daughter! ha ha

Posing for the picture... "Magnum" face. LOL If you have ever seen the movie "Zoolander" you will know what I'm talking about. She is so funny. She loves making that face to take pictures.

Playtime with mommy - 2 weeks oldTummy time! She doesn't really seem to care when I put het on her tummy. But somehow she always looks like she is not having fun. Oh life!
Enjoying her swingMom and daughter
I hope you guys enjoy this posting... Baby Claire is doing really well and I am finally starting to feel "normal" again. Troy has been the best husband and father we could ever ask for! We will keep you posted!
The Hunts

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Terry and Kelci disse...

Wow, she is sooooo cute :) You can really see Troy in her. Kel, you are looking good.

Rebeca Romcy disse...

Lindaas ... linda familia! A Claire é a menina mais linda da titia!!!
Amo vcs!